C.P.E Explorer line

We are C.P.E. Production Oy (Combat Protective Equipment), a ballistic/riot and training equipment manufacturing company headquartered in Finland. We supply different military, police, elite national counter terrorism units and prison services which saves lives daily due to our high quality. We have designed and produced high quality clothes for law-enforcement and hardcore outdoor enthusiasts.


We have had lot of help with the design from the toughest guys you can find from Finland. A big thank to all Special Force operators, professional wilderness guides and arctic expediton team who have helped us with the design. All products are designed in Finland.


Made in EU
We didn’t want to produce the clothing line in Asia. Now the quality control is possible so the products are as good as we expected. We can also be sure that the working conditions are good and the products are environmental sustainable.


C.P.E. Explorer Line
-Echo waterproof jacket with eVent membrane

-Echo waterproof pants with eVent membrane

-Zero fleece hoodie

-Romeo softshell jacket

-Foxtrot lightweight jacket

-Sierra trousers

-Sierra jeans

-Kilo trousers

-Papa polo shirt

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