NEXTORCH Tactical Pen - 1


The dragon bone tactical pen beautifylly extends the NexTop tactical pen line with its triple strengths in: precision make, tungsten steel head, and Fisher aerospace core, also boldly improving the modern look. The dragon bone look concept is based on the sturdiness of a dragon bone structure case, matched with the precision CNC machining, to make an attack tool that is exceptional to look at and exceptional in all its uses.


•Dragon style for the Confucian man

Dinosaur bone shape matches high precision CNC machining to make the dragon bone pen a memorable visual impact

•Steely qualities that tungsten can’t deny

The hardness of tungsten steel reaches over HRA90, to easily scratch glass or smash a tempered glass car window; good enough for a speedy escape when that’s what’s needed

•A wise core in a tough exterior

The dragon bone pen is made from the number one American outer space pen, shuttle model SPR4F with an outer space core that can write from any direction (even without gravity), can withstand temperatures from -35℃to 121℃, to produce writing which, if kept at 30℃, can keep for 100 years.

•Wildcard pen core, to your taste

The dragon bone pen uses the Fisher outer space pen core equipped with a long rubber cap to protect that powerful pen core, greatly extending the ways that you can write

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Body Material:6060-T6 Aerospace Grade Aluminum

Body Finish:Mil-SpecType III hard anodized

Strike Tip Material:Tungsten Steel

Cartridge:Fisher Space Pen SPR4(Black)



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