NEXTORCH K40 Multi-light source Keychain Flashlight

Multiple Light Sources In One Red,White,Blue And UV

Integrating 4 kinds of light sources into one flashlight, only one mini flashlight is needed for lighting in multiple colors.

Equipped with stainless steel clip and keychain hook, it can be clipped to hats, backpacks, etc., allowing secure-carry option



• Ultra-compact multi-function light small enough for keychain carry
• Includes four LED light sources: White, red, blue, and ultraviolet (UV)
• Maximum 300-lumen output for a beam distance of 78 meters
• Features three white-light brightness levels, strobe, and red, blue, and UV light beacon and flashing modes
• Independent mode switches
• Built-in 180 mAh rechargeable battery with USB Type- direct charging port

K40 5

K40 3

K40 4