Multi-light Source Tactical Helmet Light

• 4-Color main light source, white red green+IR light.
• IFF beacon available, identification friend or foe.
• The three switches are designed independently, with clear logic and easy operation.
• Universal Rod Lighting Is More Flexible.
• Lightweight design, no burden for long-term wearing.


4-Color Main Light Source
White Red Green+IR Light:
The white light has brightness options of 8 lumens and 80 lumens to meet various close-range lighting needs. With red and green light sources, it helps to maintain dark vision. IR invisible light, combined with night vision goggles to form a tactically beneficial equipment.

Identification Friend Or Foe (IFF):
IR light combined with night vision device constitutes a long-distance identification friend or foe signal mark, escorting the safety of personnel and missions.

IFF Beacon:
IFF beacons with IR light sources are priority. Visible light will be automatically turned off, if IFF is turned on after visible light is activated. If need to turn on the visible light again, just tap the main light switch.

Equipped With Various Accessories Various Carry Options:
ARC guide rails, webbing clips and magic stickers are standard configurations, and the complete accessory solution realizes multiple mounting methods and more possibilities.

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